Profilbild von Sofia Moreira Balderrama

Sofia Moreira Balderrama sie/ihr

Medicine veterinary Student, environmental activist and content creator

Sofia Moreira a 20 years old veterinary student, a person who believes in positive changes and is an environmental activist from Bolivia, the heart of south America. Sofia is a girl that aspire to teach others the power of changing with just one simple action, because every small acts counts and have great results. She is part of many groups that look for a people who are willing to be part of that change, such as, Rotaract club, Eclub for the environment and now she is part to make her voice hear thanks to the program young influencers for ecological change hosted by Goethe institut Barcelona, being part of this had helped her open more her Horizonts and have the tools to show others simple and easy ways to help our planet, by mixing culture, environment and people together, one of the three main objectives of solutions. Her favorite words are optimism and proactive, two words that can get your own potential out to leave a print in our planet earth.

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