Game: The Darkest Files

Narratives PC Game

About the game
World War 2 has ended. Yet Nazis can still be found in high ranking positions all across Germany. Hesse’s Attorney General Fritz Bauer establishes a special unit of young, unencumbered public prosecutors to pursue and investigate Nazi crimes and to prosecute the perpetrators.
Prosecute former Nazis
You take on cases of atrocities committed by former NS officials. Through evaluating immersive witness statements, collecting hard evidence, and validating important information you’ll be able to flesh out your case and ultimately go to court, where the perpetrators will face the full weight of the law.
Everything is still present
Following orders is no excuse for committing crimes. Investigate cold cases and bring the perpetrators to justice. Not to avenge, but to show that there are laws that apply to all and that crimes will always remain as crimes.