Dan Sobovitz

Digital Storyteller & Moderator

Dan is a Digital Communication Strategist for VIPs in international organisations; moderator and lecturer on tech ethics; and civil society activist. He is the founder of spreadable.io
For 5 years, Dan led the digital presence and publications of the Vice President of the European Commission, making use of live interactive interviews from a self-driving car or a solar plane crossing the Atlantic, VR of EU satellites shot into space, crowdsourcing EU policies among youth, climate activists, or even space scientists through digital platforms, using smartphones for live voting at EU startup pitching competitions, and more. Previously, he had worked on large-scale digital campaigns with various international organisations, such as the EU Humanitarian Aid Dept. (DG ECHO), UNICEF, UNESCO, the Slovak EU Presidency, and others.
In the field of tech, Dan presents and moderates events (Viva Tech, EU Startup Prize for Mobility, Huawei Academia Salon, Beautiful Software Awards, FEM Smart Logistics Challenge, Crowdsourcing Week, and more). He also blogs and lectures about the interplay between technology, society, and politics. He is now working on building his own Spreadable.io, a platform of platforms for disseminating ideas.

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