20. September 2019 / Kampnagel
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VR – A Piece Of The Universe



A Piece Of The Universe is Naam’s personal playpen for VR ideas, settled in a tiny plot on the Dutch countryside. There’s hints of situational story present, ever more with each update, but there’s no narrative or game-driven goal. It’s a place to feel at home in, with secrets to discover, but a lot of it is left to the visitor’s interpretation. The focus is plainly on delivering a convincing presence, like a memory of a place that might have been, but never was.

One of the tenets of getting that to work is to make almost everything interactable. If something looks like you can pick it up, you probably can. Some objects have extra functions, like the typewriter, the book, and the lighter. There are even secrets to discover. Try wearing the headphones, for example!

Some objects in the world, like that annoying red car that keeps driving by, give you a ‚glint of inspiration‘. If you work the typewriter with this inspiration, you’ll produce thoughts about that car. Finished pieces of writing will be copied into the stuffy binder that’s right next to the typewriter, to be read again at your leasure.