Jeronimo Puente, Ben Osborn

Sound Design & Music Production

Sound design and electronic music production are the main topics of this workshop. Jeronimo and Ben will demonstrate how Ableton Live works and will sample and capture a diverse palette of sounds on the spot. Both organically with microphone and musical instruments, as well as digitally via YouTube. This workshop is about a creation of a musical idea while having fun and exploring the infinite possibilities of sound design and electronic music production with musical software and digital tools.


  • Jeronimo Puente Producer & Musiker

    Jeronimo Puente (aka Signal Deluxe) is an experienced producer from Mexico city that has been involved in the world of electronic music for more than 2 decades, currently living in Berlin where he runs his 2 labels: Blaq Record & Plantamuzik. H[...]
  • Ben Osborn Musiker, Komponist & Sound Designer

    Ben Osborn is a composer, musician, sound designer and songwriter. He has won multiple awards for his work as a composer for film and theatre. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays with several bands and solo artists in Germany and the UK. He is now [...]


TINCON Berlin 2018


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