Clean up Space!

  • TINCON Hamburg 2021
  • Science & Education
  • Wissenschaft & Bildung

In June 2021 worrying news went through the worldwide media: The ISS was hit by space debris. The underlying problem has been known for decades: Since 1957 at least 9033 satellites have been launched. All in all, more than 20 000 objects larger than 10 cm freely floating around in the orbit are currently catalogued. Additionally, an estimation of 5 000 000 pieces between 1 to 10 cm size remain largely untracked. Hence, our orbits might be messier than your home office. Lilith will explain why space debris is a “public safety problem” and what we can do to clean up the mess we made in space.

TINCON Hamburg 2021 took place on September 24 as part of the Reeperbahn Festival under the Corona regulations and the 3G rule.

Presented by MINTmagie.