Mang, Drury Brennan, Public Art Lab

Calligraffiti Workshop

Invade the City! Euch gehören die Wände! Schreibt eure Messages an die Wände. Taggt was das Zeug hält und lasst ab, was auch immer euch einfällt. Welche Message wolltet ihr der Welt schon immer mitteilen? Schnappt euch Stift und Papier und lernt mit dem Calligraffitti Meister Drury Brennan wie ihr euren Slogan in schwungvolle Formen bringt.


  • Mang Medienkünstler

    Michael Ang is a Canadian artist and engineer whose work applies technology to create light objects, interactive installations, and software tools that re-appropriate the digital into a physical form. Ang applies a hacker’s aesthetic to playfully s[...]
  • Drury Brennan Calligraffiti Künstler

    Coming from the jazz music scene Drury Brennan sees calligraffiti as a mysterious and adventurous world he wants to explore. Seeking artistic expression and to bring people together with his art, Drury perceives the role of the artist as the one who [...]
  • Public Art Lab Platform

    Public Art Lab is specialised in creative city making. It curates urban media art projects and festivals that empower citizens’ engagement and citizen science. By including stakeholders in the co-design process, community place making and [...]


TINCON Berlin 2017

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