Indie Games Hyper Talks

You are not alone! Auf der ganzen Welt gibt es alternative Gamer, die sich in Indie Games Communities treffen und experimentelle Games entwickeln. Die Indie Games Hyper Talks werden euch einen Einblick in den neusten Hype der Gamer-Szene geben. Lorenzo Pilia, Miguel Alvarez, Marie Flagnan und Thorsten Wiedemann spammen euch voll mit kreativen Games, von VR, Arcade bis zu Multiplayer Games. Ohren gespitzt für die volle Dröhung Games!

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Hyper Talks zu folgenden Themen:

Independent Games Community Around The World by Thorsten S. Wiedemann: You are not alone! Millions of individuals gathering in collectives and local communities around the world and making games and playful works. This hyper talk will give you glimpse of an international independent and alternative movement.

Berlin’s Got Game(s) – A Quick Look at the Local Game Scene by Lorenzo Lilia: „If you’re into games, Berlin is a pretty good place to be right now. In this presentation we’ll discover some of the most interesting projects, spaces and events the city has to offer.“

Coding Magic by Marie Flagnan: A call to adventure for all the outsiders, strange thinkers, and daydreamers out there. Now is the time to make experimental games, weird art, and interactive experiences. You don’t need any special skills, training, or knowledge. You just need a weekend at a computer, the will to power through the impossible, and the courage to make something real. I did it, and so can you.

Arcade Saloon in 2017: Do It Yourself. Mom will be proud! by Miguel Alvarez: The golden era of the video game arcades is gone in 1992 but the legacy and the technique is still there waiting to be re-discovered. Learn some cyberpunky tips to create yours and be the king of the city! At least collecting cables and screens!

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